Customer referrals and repeat buyers are a large part of our business, which is the best testament that we are producing quality horses that people are proud to own. We love receiving updates from our clients so if we haven't heard from you lately, and you would like to send us a Testimonial, please Click Here to complete a short message to us.

Just thought I would let you know that my 3yr old Royal Hit gelding (Black Sterling Royal Ascari) has just been assessed during the AWHA 2014 assessment tour and scored a whopping 88% during his ridden assessment. He has only been recently broken in and is still of course very green. His scores were amazing….8.5 for walk, 8.5 for trot, 8.75 for canter and a 9.5 for rideability! The judges remarks were nothing but praises and they actually would have given him an extra half a mark for all paces if he wasn’t so green and had more strength which obviously in time will improve. Their remarks: Thoroughly obliging, submissive horse with good “losgelassenheit” for a 3 year old. Lovely naturally able and well balanced young horse with good uphill tendency. Silvana Di Teodoro - VIC


 As you can see we bought another Royal Hit horse, he's lovely and has incredible movement. Very friendly and super trainable. Schatzi (Bloomfield Royal Deelite) is training medium at the moment, we have flying changes, half pass in trot and getting there in canter. She's doing piaffe in the long reins and is also doing a bit of jumping. Courtney (my sister) has been riding her with me lately as I have just moved back to Perth and she needed to get back on a horse that would give her confidence (she had a nasty fall and broke her back last year). She straight away felt confident on Schatzi and decided right then and there that another Royal Hit was what she wanted. I can't thank you enough for breeding me such an incredible mare, she really is the most genuine horse I have ever had and I am super lucky to have her. I recommend you to practically everyone I talk to and they are all amazed at the quality when they see her. I took her out jumping in the forest the other day and she jumped everything I pointed her at with such willingness. The Royal Hit's truly are incredible horses. Again thankyou Hana Thompson - WA


I hope you are both well. I thought I would send you a quick update on Bloomfield First Victory (Harry). Harry is an extremely affectionate horse who is the first horse to meet us in the stables or paddock. He is well behaved and nothing seems to phase him. He is happy to be on his own, with the dogs in the house yard or baby-sitting the ponies in the big paddock. We took him to his first event on the weekend (AWHA Gala day) and he won the 2 year old gelding with a great score. I was very proud of him. It was his first time away from the property, first time in the float for a big drive, first time at a competition and first win (came home with a lovely blue sash and plaque). First Victory!! He has grown about a hand since the auction and still has a lot of growing left. Thank you for producing a lovely, gentle, well mannered horse who is going to have an exciting future ahead of him. Anita Bezuch - VIC


   Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with tango (Bloomfield Fürst Tango). He has the best temperament and is so easy to do everything with. I have been breaking him in myself and he has not put a foot wrong. Was under saddle for the fourth time today and is already cantering around. Couldn't be happier with him. He is growing into a lovely horse. Taylah Lambert - VIC


   Thought you might like an update on Bloomfield Royal Compliment (aka Andre at home). It's really quite simple.  He is a super horse!  He is exceptional in every respect.  He has perfect manners, temperament, movement, rideability, enthusiasm & desire to please.  He is now about 16.2h & still growing.  I broke him in myself March this year.  He was a dream to break in & accepted everything with confidence & trust.  He has been only worked lightly & attended his first 3 day clinic with Susan Elekessy this weekend.  We were in a very spooky arena as you can see from the pictures but he took it all in his enormous expressive stride.  Once a week I lead him off my Clydie X for a trail ride up through the bush behind my place.  It's very hilly, muddy, lots of trees down to step over & wallabys everywhere.  He loves it & the company of the other three or four horses on the ride.  My outdoor arena at home is often prone to having guinea fowl taking flight from the gardens on one side to the trees on the other - right in front of us & my dog often comes bolting out of the bushes behind & in front of us without warning.  He has amazing copability & work ethic & just keeps on going.  I still have to pinch myself & wonder how I could be so priviledged to own & train such a gifted horse.  He has a big future ahead of him indeed.  We are in no hurry to compete so will just keep ticking along building the strength & muscle in the right places for the next eighteen months to two years.  We'll keep doing the clinics as the outings are invaluable also.  Towards the end of this summer I hope to take him to a low key comp just for a look around. Thankyou for breeding such an amazing horse.  You would be so proud of him.  Jo Pickett & Andre


   'I purchased Bloomfield Royal Deelite from Bloomfield in the 2010 young stock auction. I was thrilled with the professionalism I received from Axel and Kerrie throughout the auction. ‘Schatzi’ is now broken in and super quiet, she moves exceptionally and I always have people doting over how calm and beautiful she is. I am so pleased with her and would recommend Bloomfield to anyone looking for an outstanding quality horse.’ Hana - NSW


   Attached are some of the pics I have of Bloomfield Royal Prince from the AWHA Show.  We won the 2 year old male led class.   He then won Reserve Champion Junior Horse from all the 1 and 2 year olds.  I was over the moon, he's a gorgeous horse and is maturing into a fine horse. I can't wait to start him, with the vision for the young horse classes. He has a great temperament and was fantastic for his very first show, and in an indoor too. The Royal Hits really stand out in a crowd, he was a gem! Karlie Butler - VIC


   We have been very pleased with Bloomfield Royal Camiro and his exceptional temperament, he settled into his new home and has been a pleasure to own. My husband who is not a horse person can put a fly veil on him, feed him, walk up to him in the paddock, even the other day he patted Camiro when he was lying in the lush grass. A fantastic colt and exceptional movement, I would be pleased and happy to discuss my colt Royal Camiro and our fantastic experience with Axel Renz and Kerrie Mann at Bloomfield Farm.   Julie Macdonald - VIC


   Just giving you an update with how shaemus is progressing. ie Bloomfield Shameless II, he is super, so casual and laid back, we have started our basic pretraining and he is fantastic, we had the complete float lesson and now we are preperaing to back him, Shaemus takes it all in his stride, looks at both Dan and myself when we are flapping things at him like we are the idiots, I am looking forward to the day when I can actually ride him. Shaemus goes everywhere now in the float, if I have friends competing, he comes with me whilst I am helping, he gets to all these new places looks around then wants to know where his hay bag is, every where he goes he loves the people and all the attention, and people like him( WHY WOULDN'T THEY, HE IS A BIT OF A SPUNK) but I am biased, anyway some photos attached. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to purchase such a fantastic horse. Debbie Webb -VIC


   Victoria (Bloomfield Royal Victory II) has had another float loading and travel lesson today as I took her to her 1/4 acre paddock for the rest of the week. She followed me straight into the float without any fuss or look..... Travelled beautifully, didn't move.   Put her in her new paddock, she put on another show, trotting ever so lightly on her feet.  Then discovered that she could canter the boundary fence.  So then calmly cantered the boundary fence for 4 laps, occasionally coming back to me in the middle of the paddock to check that I was where she had left me. Wendy McAuliffe - VIC


   We can't believe it's nearly a year since we bought Bloomfield Ronaldo at the auction.  He is everything we hoped he would be.  A cheeky, bold 2 yo in the paddock but when needed to be, he is calm and sensible.  He still shows that lovely soft swinging back and calm eye that first attracted us to him.  We're looking forward to getting him started and having a successful partnership. Susan and John Thompson - VIC


   I cannot thank you enough for the professional advice and the beautiful Real Hit and the wonderful Furst Platinum coming in a April, the beautiful babies from Royal Hit and Furst love that are half brothers from the beautiful Jasmine. It will be wonderful to watch two spectacular colts coming into dressage in the future. With your fantastic eyes for quality we are certainly going to show the world that Dressage in Australia is certainly to be watched. Emma and I thank you both for our wonderful quiet and beautiful babies. Gloreen Goldin - NSW


   Just thought that I would send you some photos of Winston. He is maturing into such handsome colt.  I have had so many compliments on his beautiful conformation. He has outstanding floating movement and an unflappable quiet temperament and I am looking forward to getting him to some shows very soon. I am so thrilled and couldn’t be happier with him. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the wonderful job you have done educating him. He is such a pleasure to handle. Thank you both for all your great advice and support. Bloomfield Farm is a magnificent property and a credit to all your hard work. Your high degree of professionalism has made my experience as a client most pleasurable.    Thank you once again, Janie Brown - VIC


   'When I attended your 2010 Auction, it was not with the intention to bid but was really to make the most of the opportunity whilst over from Perth for DJWTS.  However, I fell for little Royal Rose and was ultimately the successful bidder.  I wish to thank you both for breeding such a lovely filly and taking excellent care of her - I'm glad that I made the decision to leave her with you in Melbourne as long as I have as she has had the benefit of wonderful big green pastures to grow into a lovely yearling.  I also want to thank you for presenting her for me at the ACE tour, which culminated in her being awarded Premium - she is a wonderful example of the quality horses you breed and raise.'  Christie Wearne - WA


   Just thought i'd drop you a line to tell you how pleased we are with out Furst Love foal. She is an absolute pleasure to do anything with and is just like a ballerina when she moves. Can't wait for the next one to arrive. Thanks for bringing this awesome stallion into the country. Lisa Koppmann - Weownna Lodge, QLD


   I first met Axel several years ago when we decided to breed my injured riding horse to Sirocco.  Having never bred my own foals it was a relief to have Axel's help and advice available at every stage.  His patience and knowledge are legendary, and he has even managed to engage my non-horsey husband's interest in the process.   When my mare foaled unexpectedly early, Axel and Kerrie raced over at 10.30pm to make sure all was okay with mare, foal and owners! It was a privilege to be one of the first to see Royal Hit and San Rubin II when they arrived, and as Axel paraded them for us our jaws hit the ground.  My husband selected Royal Hit - he couldn't get over the way he floated over the ground.  We now have a wonderful Royal Hit filly and her temperament is extraordinary with a fair dash of good looks and plenty of that airy movement as well.  We had an enormous amount of support from Axel and Kerrie when we wanted to sell our first filly - including help with getting great video and photos.  Whenever we visit the stallions get a pat and a cuddle - their temperaments are incredible.  There is a huge amount of research put into the stallion selection and it shows in every way; temperament, movement, conformation and 'wow factor'.  The property is also always immaculate, and all the horses look happy, healthy and well-fed. We appreciate the time that both Axel and Kerrie are prepared to spend with us - everyone is always made very welcome.  We look forward to seeing the new stallion, and to continuing our relationship with Bloomfield Farm.  L & P Kostos - Prospect Hill, Warragul."


   Dear Axel and Kerrie, I am just wanting to thank you both so much for all your help with presenting my Royal Hit filly at the AWHA Gala Show at Werribee. Your handling of the filly on the day was so professional and I couldn't have asked for any better. I am so grateful for the time you spent with me and my filly, both on the day of the show and the halter lesson the couple of weeks before. Not only are you extremely professional in your business, but you are also great people with a great love for your horses. I am thrilled with my Champion Filly and would highly recommend your services, your stallions and your foals to anyone. Sincerely, Lynne Morrision


   Dear Axel & Kerry, This is just a short note to thank you for your assistance during the last two breeding seasons.  When we visited in 2007 we were very impressed by the professional approach you show to your breeding business.  With equine influenza (EI) in New South Wales, we struggled with decisions as to how best to deal with the 2007-2008 breeding season.  Getting mares in foals is an expensive business and EI simply made those decisions more difficult.  We decided to go with Bloomfield because of your professional approach to stallion selection, promotion and breeding, the quality of your stallions, the service price, the vision you are showing to the stud's development and its promotion, the type of horse we wished to breed and the way in which you dealt with your horses and ourselves when we visited. We have not been disappointed.  Collection of semen, airfreight and delivery was first class.  We are very happy with the end product.  We have 3 colts and 1 filly by Royal Hit and 4 fillies and 1 colt by San Rubin II.  All athletic, full of class and with good temperament.  Visitors love them and they have generated interest in both stallions.  When the GFC cures itself we expect a good deal of interest in them.  In 2009 we hope to have a further two San Rubin II foals and 1 Royal Hit foal.  We look forward to seeing your new stallion for 2009-2010 and to the continued success of your endeavours.   Best of luck, Seamus Burbage & Sheelagh Cann Ballymount Farm


   I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for your exceptional customer service and the proffesionalism of your entire operation. I first brought my mare to the stud in September and she was determined NOT to get in foal. Luckily for me, Axel was even more determined that she would! So, after many visits and taking up countless hours of your time I am now looking forward to Royal Hit foal. Word of mouth is one of the greatest marketing strategies and I would happily recommed your stud to provide the highest quality stallions and customer service to anyone. Thanks Again. Kristen Theile.


   I can't recommend the team at Bloomfield highly enough.  They are always friendly and easy to deal with, efficient, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to get semen to mare owners in a timely fashion.  We are absolutely delighted with our 2008 Royal Hit filly, both in her quality and outstanding temperament, and are eagerly awaiting three more Royal Hit foals in 2009.  Bloomfield's expertise in importing stallions of such a high calibre is extremely valuable to Australian breeders and we won't hesitate to use Bloomfield Farm in the future. Heather Ip Cooramin Sporthorses


   I am delighted to be given the opportunity to express the pleasure and professionalism that we have encountered when dealing with Axel and Kerrie at Bloomfield Farm.   I am a veterinarian located in Armidale NSW, each season I artificially inseminate about 20 to 30 mares, as well as running a small Warmblood breeding program of our own (currently aiming to breed six foals a year).     Last season I was introduced to Bloomfield farm by a client of ours (actually, as it ended up, a foal share between her and us).   When we made the decision to use Royal Hit, I examined the mare and suddenly found she was ready to breed that day.  I rang Axel in a panic, and semen was delivered to Armidale from Victoria that night.  I AI’ed her and 2 weeks later preg tested her, she was in foal.   Not only did we find the quality of the semen to be excellent,  but the overall  service that was provided could not be faulted, nothing was to much trouble for them.    I then decided to also use Royal Hit for one of our own mares, and again 2 weeks after AI’ing her she was preg  tested and in foal.   I am currently, eagerly awaiting the birth of these two foals.  Each year I deal with a wide variety of stallion owners / studs on behalf of our clients and without a doubt have found Bloomfield Farm one of the most cooperative studs I have dealt with: as well as providing some of the highest quality semen evaluated upon delivery.      I am delighted to be able to recommend Bloomfield Farm; both the quality of the semen and service provided was fantastic. Dr Jason Andrews BSc (Hons) BVSc (Hons). New England veterinary Centres Armidale Veterinary Hospital, Guyra Veterinary Clinic, Dangar St Veterinary Hospital 133 Marsh St. Armidale NSW. 2350 02 6771 2022 (Phone) 02 6771 1312 (Fax)


   I have used San Rubin II for two seasons, and have been very impressed with the service provided by Bloomfield Farm. They have been extremely helpful in ensuring that semen was sent when needed, even when the timing was inconvenient. I am thrilled with my San Rubin II filly, which is why I have her dam back in foal to him. The filly is very quiet, she impressed my farrier and vet when she had a foot abscess as a very young foal and required a lot of treatment. Although I bred her with the intention of selling, I have now decided to keep her as my next riding horse, and future broodmare. Regards, Fiona De Jersey


   When I first visited the two imported stallions at Bloomfield Farm, I was really impressed with the presentation of the property and the stallions.  Kerrie Mann and Axel Renz displayed a high level of professionalism and were very friendly and approachable. I bought a service to Royal Hit and my vet gave me very short notice to order the chilled semen for my mare.  When I contacted Axel, he immediately collected the chilled semen and sent it via express post.  I was just so grateful that Axel was able to act straight away and as a result, my mare got in foal.   My mare will be going back to Royal Hit this breeding season. Cheers – Kim Martin


   Hi Axel Heres the pics of my bay colt by Royal Hit, I have named him "Regalia". He was born on Feb 8 to my Arab/WB mare, Adbarina Mardi Gras. His temperament is wonderful - very friendly, trainable and confident - and as you can see his conformation and movement are excellent too. I am very very happy with this foal and I will be trying for another RH pregnancy or two next season - hopefully a filly this time! Regards (Name Withheld) Yass  NSW


   Hi Kerrie & Axel, It was lovely to meet you both last Monday and get a chance to view your two lovely stallions in the flesh.  It was also lovely to see my mare being so well taken care of at your beautiful property with her stunning little Royal baby. Kind regards Donna Maher WHITTLESEA    Vic 


   Dear Axel and Kerrie My lovely Donnerheist mare presented me with the most superb chesnut colt last night. He was born at 11pm on the 11th of the 11th!. I am going to name him Royal Remembrance. I will send you some photos in the next couple of days.  I would also like to book a return service to Royal Hit. Kind regards, Susan.


   Hi Axel and Kerrie, Just a quick update on my little Royal Hit filly.  She is absolutely divine.  So quiet and easy to handle.  Nothing fazes her at all (just as you said!).  She has been named Lizzie becuase she is often lying flat out like a lizard in the sun. Throughout the horrible weather over the last month she has been totally calm and is actually the steadying influence on some of the older horses here.  Kind regards Sue (Surname Withheld) Ballarat, Vic


   Hi Kerrie and Axel,   Just giving you some updated photos of my beautiful Royal Hit filly - Royal Eve. At 13 months old, she really is just the most impressive warmblood yearling I have seen (might be a little bias though). She has the most wonderful temperament and I really could not be happier. Hope you like the pictures.   Cheers, Paul.


   Hi Axel and Kerrie, Just thought I would pop another photo of Ruby at 12 weeks of age to you.  She is a pleasure, has a temperament of an angel but still very  inquisitive and brave.  I just love her, she seems to prefer her human friends to her horse friends, as she comes running whenever she sees one. Regards, Daryle Brooke (Tasmania)


   Hi Axel, Please see attached the photos of BMS Samphire, the sensational filly that San Rubin 11 gave us out of Cloverfern Genevieve on Dec 12.  She is simply exquisite and everyone who sees her is blown away, the photos don’t do her justice.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with her. Cheers, Felicity - WA


   Hi Axel & Kerrie, Thanks so much for kindly showing us the new crop of foals last week. We really enjoyed visiting and seeing your beautiful horses. Both our current foals are looking terrific and we are excited about there future. Also like to let you know how much we appreciated your flexability when collecting for us. It really did make the whole breeding experience so much easier. Thanks Michael & Rachel _________________________________________________________________________________

   Dear Axel & Kerrie, I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big Thank You to you both for the  wonderful care that you gave to myself  and my father Jim as I don’t know of many people that would take the time out to assist my father by helping onto your 4wheel bike & then carting him around all your beautiful progeny for him to view, not once but 2 years in a row, you have both also given us an enormous amount of your precious time and allowed us countless viewings of both your Stallions but in particular Royal Hit, as you know we both think he is a magnificent specimen of horse flesh, you do all your horses proud with the way you present them and your stud. I would also like to Thank You for your efficiency and excellent service that you gave to my vet in order for me to get my mare in foal, it takes a lot of pressure away when dealing with such professionals, for this I am truly greatful, now having said all of the above, the icing on top of this beautiful cake is my gorgeous filly foal by Royal Hit and let me tell you I am one very happy and over joyed customer. I wish you both great success and I’m sure you shall have it as you put an enormous amount of care and thought into your Property, Horses and customers other wise known as PROFESSIONALISM. Sincerely, Lynne Morrison


   Hi Axel and Kerrie, Firstly, thank you very much for collecting semen at such short notice from us back on the 10th September.  Secondly, we have had 2 foals so far, a beautiful bay filly by San Rubin 11 out of a T'bred mare, and a brown (will go grey) colt by Royal Hit out of a Daley K mare. We are very pleased with them both and look forward to the next 7!   Thank you for your patience and professionalism, in this our 3rd year of breeding.  Regards, Seamus and Sheelagh


   Hi again Kerrie and Axel, Here are a few more pics that I thought you’d like to see.  This filly is really outstanding….so much movement and such amazing presence and self-carriage.  She is so uphill and really catches the eye.  Feel free to use the photos in any way that you wish. Her name will be Cooramin Roxy Hit.  Cheers, Heather Clegg BAppSc (Equine Studies), MSc (VetSc) Equine Centre Technical Officer School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences Charles Sturt University


   PROFESSIONAL, INTEGRITY , DILIGENT  & TIRELESS are the words that spring to mind when I think of Axel & Kerrie from Bloomfield Farm . We have dealt with Axel now for more than six years and in that time we can only sing their praises for the complete package that they offer their clientele. Starting with their selection of top quality stallions , followed by  insemination , foaling ,weaning & halter breaking .  Over this period of time we have had eight inseminations, eight foals and also lots & lots of information and education .Axel and Kerrie are always generous sharing their knowledge on every level and we would like to take this opportunity to thank and wish them all the best in the future (and maybe a holiday). Bloomfield Farm is a big part of our breeding  program and not only would we struggle without their support and input but it wouldn’t be as much fun or secure. Many many thanks from Lyn, Malcolm and Hayley


   Hello Axel and Kerrie, Just a short note to say "Thank you" to you both for your hospitality and for showing us your beautiful horses on Saturday 17th November, it was a pleasure to see such lovely stallions and the progeny they are producing.  I am keen to be kept up to date with the progress at Bloomfield Farm and any up coming sales or auctions, so can you please add me to your email list? Since we have returned to Tasmania, we have been singing the praises of Bloomfield Farm and will continue to do so.  Thanks again. Josie McGuire (one of the Tassie visitors)


   Hi Axel and Kerry,      just a quick email to thank you both for your time, patience and hospitality on Saturday.  It was really lovely to see your horses and I really appreciate your efforts and time taken to show us around.  Not to mention your understanding with all the questions! Anyway, thank you again and looking forward to a little Royal Hit BAY FILLY please!  although I'm sure to be happy regardless.  Kind regards, Karen Remely


   Hi Axel and Kerrie, Just a quick note to let you know of the praises the stud over here in Tasmania is singing for you.  The thoroughbred mare that I leased from them (after my mare was so very ill) was served yesterday with Hit semen and she couldn't praise your professionalism more highly! I just thought its nice to get back good feedback so I would pass it on to you, well done.  Fingers crossed we have a pos test in 16 days and I have my own HIT next year! She ordered pony semen same day as Hit and it is still sitting at a wharf in Melbourne - (sent it normal mail!!!) yuk Regards, Daryle Brooke